New Bronze Bells

New cast bronze church bells are the ideal memorial, as they serve one of the most celebrated traditions of the church and will last for centuries. At Church Specialties you will find the highest quality cast bronze church bells made. Whether your priority is the finest musical sound quality, or the beauty of finely crafted ornamented bells, we have what you’re looking for. Representing the best bell foundries in America, we can deliver just the right bells for your church, university or military installation.

New Church Bells

Bell Restoration

Church Bells are one of the most symbolic and cherished of all church furnishings.  For nearly one hundred years, Church Specialties has meticulously performed thousands of church bell restorations across the country to preserve and reveal their timeless beauty and sound. We’ve documented, collected and preserved the rich history of many church bells, cathedral bells, and peals. Ask us and we’ll be happy to share the history of your own bells or peals with you.

Bell Restoration Services

Electronic Carillons

Conversion to electronic carillons is a fast and easy way to return the majestic sounds of church bells to your parish without undergoing major renovations or restorations. Many features make these systems something to consider when you learn about digital carillon systems complete with all desired church bell sounds, chimes and religious music. We provide digital carillons for every church, large or small. Our sound library includes any or all of these which can be activated to your specific needs.

Electronic Carillons
Our “Bell Committee” would like to express our satisfaction with our Chime Master Carillon system. They are magnificent! The sounds coming from the tower fill the air with glorious song… It lifts the mind and heart to God throughout the day. Also, when no organist is available it sets the mood for prayer and reflection. Thank you for brining and sending forth a little more comfort and joy in this chaotic world! — Irme Logue & Ernest Kittka, Bell Committee – St. Ann’s Church, Williamsport, PA