Pre-Owned Church Bells and Bronze Bells for Sale

We Buy & Sell Used Bronze Church Bells

If you are not using your bell due to repair or replacement needs, we may be able to help.

Often the condition of your tower requires you to discontinue ringing your bell and sometimes even necessitates removal of the bell from the tower. Call 888-570-1042 or email us with information on your bell for an evaluation of available options. Please include a digital photo if possible.

Pre-Owned Church Bells and New Automatic Bell Ringing Equipment for Sale

We Restore the Sound to Silent Bells in a Variety of Ways

With our long history with church bells, we can help restore, refurbish, or electrify your beautiful bells with a solution that fits your budget. We have installed thousands of bell ringers and would be happy to survey your bells and bell tower. We can offer our suggestions to get your bells ringing again, restoring the voice to your bronze bells.

Automatic Bell Ringing Equipment

Chime Master Millennium Bell Controllers provide incredible flexibility to get your bells ringing again. In many cases, we can get your old church bells ringing again with the installation of automatic bell ringing equipment. Bell ringers are also excellent solutions for aging bell towers or damaged bells.

With our long history of nearly 100 years working with historic bells, we can provide options to restore, refurbish, replace, or electrify your beautiful bells or bell ringing equipment.

Chime Master Bell Controllers are very easy to use. Once we set your bell ringing schedule into memory, you don’t have to worry about it! The schedule is protected with a ten-year battery backup—so even power outages will not disrupt the schedule.

Bell Ringer Installations

We have done thousands of bell ringer installations and would be happy to survey your bells and bell tower and offer a variety of suggestions to get your bells ringing again

Church bells are a tremendous asset to any parish. If you are looking to add a bell or set of bells, we can help. We have pre-owned church bells available for sale and our inventory is constantly changing. See photos and descriptions of bells available now.

Pre-Owned Bells for Sale

1922 Meneely Bell

27″ diameter, weighs about 400 pounds.

Bell and A-Stands only.

No Yoke, Clapper or Wheel.

Available Church Bell for Sale

1875 Meneely Bell

19 1/2” diameter Meneely of West Troy, NY dated 1875. Weight is about 150 pounds.

This bell has the original clapper, yoke and cast-iron wheel.


1899 Meneely Bell

28” Diameter, 1899, Meneely Bell Co., Troy, NY 450 lb.

Available Church Bell for Sale

1899 Meneely Bell

37” Diameter, 1899, Meneely Bell Co., Troy, NY 1,000 lb.

Available Church Bell for Sale

1879 Meneely Bell

36” Diameter, 1879, Meneely, West Troy, NY 900 lb.

Available Church Bell for Sale

1855 Jones & Hitchcock Bell

43” Diameter, 1855, Jones & Hitchcock, Troy, NY 1,500 lb.

Available Church Bell for Sale

1870 Fulton Bell

46” Diameter, 1870, Fulton Bell Co., Pittsburgh, PA 2,000 lb.

Available Church Bell for Sale

1856 Meneely Bell

25” Diameter, 1856, Meneely , West Troy, NY 300 lb.

Available Church Bell for Sale

1888 Meneely Bell

24.5” Diameter, 1888, Meneely, West Troy, NY 300 lb.

Available Church Bell for Sale

Liberty Bell Replica

16” Diameter, Liberty Bell Replica

Liberty Bell Replica 1976for Sale
Cast in 1976, this replica of the Liberty Bell Rings!

Liberty Bell Replica

Complete with simulated crack, this bell rings.

Limited edition bronze bell was cast in 1976 for the country’s Bi-Centennial


  • Bell Diameter 16′
  • Yoke made from slippery elm
  • Base is Mahogany
  • Overall height from base to yoke top 40 ¼”
  • Total weight 235 lbs.
Available Church Bell for Sale

1927 Meneely Bell

  • Bell Diameter 17″
  • Mfg date 1927
  • Yoke, wheel and clapper included
  • Total weight 100 lbs.

CS Bell Co.

44” Diameter, CS Bell Co., Hillsboro, OH 1,062 lb. (Steel Bell)

Used church bells for sale, bronze bells sales

Meneely Bell

17″ diameter Meneely Bell dated 1892, made in NY.

Rustic mountings are in good condition. 

Includes yoke, A-stands, wheel and clapper.

pre owned Meneely Bell

Meneely Bell

27″ diameter, 400 pound bell from the Meneely Bell Co. Troy, NY.

This bell is ready to use as is with the addition of a wheel or armature.


1952 Meneely Bell

14” diameter with yoke, wheel and clapper.

27” diameter 400 pound bell Clinton H Meneely Troy NY dated 1884

Meneely Bell

27” diameter, 400 pound bell from the Clinton H. Meneely – Troy, NY dated 1884. No original mountings except for the yoke (poor shape). Basically, this is a bare bell that can be matched nicely with an inside striker. Call today to inquire. 

1881 Jones & Co Bronze Bell
18" Diameter Jones & Co of Troy, NY dated 1881.

1881 Jones & Co of Troy NY Bronze Bell

A-Stands, clapper, yoke and pull arm are all included with this beautiful bronze bell manufactured by Jones & Co. of Troy, NY.

pre-owned church bell, Jones & Hitchcock Bronze Bell, 1853 Church Bell, 36 inch bronze bell
This Jones & Hitchcock 36" bronze bell weighs 900 pounds and was cast in 1853.

Pre-Owned 1853 Bronze Bell

This beautiful bronze bell was cast by Jones & Hitchcock in 1853. It has a 36″ diameter and weighs 900 pounds. It has a nice crown top and the original clapper. No yoke or A-stands included.

In 1852, James Harvey Hitchcock set up the Jones & Hitchcock foundry. The Jones & Hitchcock foundry only lasted 35 years but made many memorable bells.Perhaps the last one, cast three months before they dissolved, was for the new City Hall in Troy, NY. It came tumbling down in a fire in 1938.

Meneely, 36 inch diameter, cast 1871
Meneely & Kimberly Bronze Bell cast in 1871 in Troy, NY. 36" diameter Yoke, A-Stands and Clapper available. No wheel.

1871 Meneely & Kimberly Bronze Bell

This gorgeous bronze bell was cast in 1871 by Meneely & Kimberly of Troy, NY. It is 36″ in diameter. Yoke, A-Stands and Clapper available.

William Blake & Co, bronze church bell, 1869
Historic 1869 Bronze Church Bell Recovered from Planter at China Mill in Suncook, NH

1869 William Blake & Co. Bronze Bell

With Paul Revere Connection


This bell was cast in 1869 by William Blake & Co. which was formerly known as HN Hooper & Co. William Blake was an apprentice to Paul Revere. Blake went on to partner with Henry N. Hooper. It weighs 1,500 lbs. and has 42″ diameter and has an impressive voice.  It still has the original clapper, cast iron yoke, cast iron “A” stands, cast iron wheel (needs some restoration). The bell was retrieved from the China Mill in Suncook, NH., a textile mill with a long history dating back to 1868.


Fulton Mfg of Pittsburgh 38″ Bronze Bell

Weighs 1,000 Lbs


  • Fulton MFG
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 1898
  • 38″ Bronze Bell
  • 1,000 lbs.
  • Crown Top

This bell comes complete in original full swinging mountings, new wheel required.

Meneely Bell Co, 1898 Used Bronze Bell
Bronze bell cast by Meneely Bell Co. in Troy NY in 1898. 21" Diameter.

21 1/2″ Diameter Meneely Bell – Cast in 1898

Meneely Bell Co. of Troy NY cast this 21 1/2″ diameter bronze bell in 1898. This is a great replacement bell with no yoke, no mountings or clapper.

Petit & Fritsen four bell peal, Bronze Bells,bronze four bell peal
Beautiful Four Bell Peal cast in 1974 by Petit & Fritsen. Notes: G#, C, D# and G.

1974 Petit & Fritsen 4 Bell Peal

This ‘practically new’ four bell peal was cast just 41 years ago in 1974. It came to us from Erie PA. It has had electronic bell ringing equipment in place that could be put back into service if desired. Call for more details.

The four bronze bells and their weights and notes are as follows:

  1. G#-weighs 1,188 pounds
  2. C-weighs   583 pounds
  3. D#-weighs    341 pounds
  4. G-weighs   176 pounds

Fulton & Sons Pittsburgh, PA. 1870 Bell

33″ Diameter Bronze Bell Crown Top


This 1870 Fulton & Sons bell weights approximately 650 pounds and comes with the yoke and A-stands. Fulton & Sons larger bells were characterized by a unique crown mounting to the cast steel yoke. This unique design allows the bell to rotate in the yoke and thus allowing the clapper strike zone to change positions over time. Fulton & Son’s Bell Foundry was located in Pittsburgh, PA from the 1800s to the 1900s.


17″ Diameter swinging Bell with Original “A” stands,Yoke, Wheel & Clapper

This beautiful bronze bell was cast by The Meneely Bell Company, Troy, NY in 1897. The bell weighs 100 lbs and rings a beautiful “C”. 17″ diameter Meneely Troy, NY in Full Swinging Mountings with original “A” stands,yoke, wheel & clapper. Ready to Ring, this beautiful bronze bell was cast by The Meneely Bell Company, Troy, NY in 1897. It is not often that you find such a complete small bell. There are no chips or cracks, the cast iron is in near perfect condition. The original cast wheel and clapper complete this beautiful bell.


28″ Bronze Bell 450 lbs. Cast by the Meneely Company, Troy, NY 1896

Great for use as a stationary bell or ask us for information on bell ringing equipment or new swinging hardware bare bell, sounds great. This 450 lb bell rings a beautiful clear D flat.  Beautiful bell, no inscriptions. Ready to ring as you choose. With this “Dandy” of a bell you have many options:  Mount the bell to a beam and ring it with an internal electro-mechanical striker. The new ringer will provide the voice of a swinging bell or strike the bell for the hour. We can also fabricate new steel supports to meet your exact needs. A new clapper would be designed and cast to the proper specifications to provide a clear voice.


45″ Bronze Bell 1,800 lbs

Clinton H. Meneely Bell Co., Troy, NY 1888 45″ Bronze Bell 1,800 lbs. Bell in original swinging mountings, needs wheel.


17″ Meneely Bronze Bell with Original (Repaired) Hardware

Cast by The Meneely Bell Foundry in West Troy, NY 1872, this nice little bell was used often and basic repairs were crude but effective. All the parts are there and are functional. Use as is or ask us for new parts. This bell is in great condition and it sounds wonderful. The original supports and yoke are in rough shape. They function and will support the bell but the repairs and welds are unsightly. This bell is a great candidate for us as a stationary bell or for occasional light use.

Everything you need is included, Yoke, “A” stands’ wheel and clapper or new components are available including new “A” stands, Yoke and wheel. Call or email us for pricing.


3 Bell Peal B-D-F 811 lbs. – 430 lbs. -243 lbs.

Meneely Bell Company, Troy, NY 1922 Three Bell Peal in original hardware. 

Beautiful three bell peal with “A” stands, yokes, clappers and springs. Available with original hardware or can be fitted with new.


23″ Diameter Turn of the Century 1913 Meneely Bell

Bell comes with a clapper, that can be set up with full swinging mountings or an electro-mechanical bell ringer. 23″ Meneely Bronze Bell, 250 lbs.