Street Clocks and Post Clocks

Enhance Streetscapes with Post Clocks, Street Clocks & Clock Towers

With nearly 100 years and three generations of experience, we can help enhance your streetscape with street clocks and post clocks. We specialize in the historic restoration, replacement or new installation of:

  • Howard & Seth Thomas Clocks as well as McClintock Post Clocks and Bank Clocks
  •  New Post Clocks (Street Clocks)
  • Custom Designed Clocks
  • Westminster Hour Striking Chimes 

Enhance Streetscapes With Traditional Post Clocks

Enhance your streetscape with a traditional post clock. Street clocks are classic reminders of days gone by.  Preserve your vintage clock or we’ll create a replacement post clock for your streetscape.  We have many designs to choose from so you can create the perfect look, feel and fit to its surroundings.  Reproductions of classic clocks or new modern designs are available.


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Restore and Update your Street Clock With Modern Controls

It is now possible to update your street clock with modern controls that will automatically change the hour in the spring and fall and reset after a power outage. We can replace or repair damaged hands, dials, numerals and return classic street clocks to full working order.

Some Classic Street Clocks and Post Clocks we’ve installed.

  • Downtown clock New Canaan, Connecticut.
    Four Face Howard Reproduction
  • Sacred Heart University Fairfield, Connecticut
    New Two-Face Post Clock Classic Design, Modern Movement