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With our long history with church bells, we can help you restore, refurbish, or electrify your beautiful bells. At Church Specialties, we’re committed to finding solutions that fit within your budget.  We understand the difficulties of increased pressures on parish budgets, often resulting in deferred maintenance projects and delayed capital improvements.  We offer a wide range of options to fit your budget.  We have done thousands of bell ringer installations and would be happy to survey your bells and bell tower. We can offer our suggestions to get your bells ringing again and restore the voice to your church bells.

Bell Ringing Equipment Restores Voice To Silent Bells

Our Chime Master LIBERTAS BELL CONTROL provides incredible flexibility to get your bells ringing again.  This is an excellent solution for aging bell towers or damaged bells.  In many cases, we can get your old church bells ringing again with the installation of automatic bell ringing equipment.

With our long history of nearly 100 years working with historic bells, we can provide options to restore, refurbish, replace or electrify your beautiful bells or bell ringing equipment.


Standard Features:

  • Five Year Chime Care™ on all electronic components
  • Extensive library of music for chime and carillon instruments
  • Ringing programs include ringing for times of worship, prayer, celebration and mourning
  • Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox traditions are supported
  • Tolling hammer lockout for swinging bells with coasting delay
  • Selection of time strike chime melodies for any set of bells
  • Digital Keypad lock
  • Auto daylight time adjustments
  • Accurate clock with network sync
  • Simulation of swinging effects for stationary bells
  • Easy weekly scheduler
  • Compatible with Management Suite™ software and advanced bell remote control mobile apps

Our Chime Master Bell Controllers are very easy to use. Once we set your bell ringing schedule into memory, you don’t have to worry about it. The schedule is protected with a ten-year battery backup so even power outages will not disrupt the schedule.

We have done thousands of bell ringer installations and would be happy to survey your bells and bell tower. We can offer a variety of suggestions to get your bells ringing again

Please click here to read the historic bell maintenance checklist.

View some of our Bell Ringer Installations below

Four Bell Westminster Chime Renovated with New Stationary Strikers

Trinity Episcopal Church
Ossining, New York

Four beautiful bronze bells cast by the famous Meneely Bell Company of West Troy, NY in 1895 with the largest bell weighing 2,000 pounds were fitted with a Chime Master Controller and Stationary Strikers for its Westminster chime. The stationary strikers were installed using custom mounting brackets.

The bells now ring:

  • The Westminster Chime
  • Strike the hour
  • Ring as a three bell peal, and as individual bells.

The ringing is automatically controlled by the Chime Master Millennium Bell Control System and manually with a handheld wireless remote control.

1911 Meneely Troy Bell Restoration and Automatic Church Bell Ringer Installation

St. John of God Church
Central Islip, New York

St. John of God’s, 1911 Meneely Troy Bell, was restored by Church Specialties and is ringing again. The 515 lb. bronze bell cast by the Meneely Bell Company of Troy, NY in 1911 was in bad shape. The corrosive salt air had taken its toll. The bell wheel had deteriorated, the supports were worn and rusted. The recent restoration of the Church’s steeple provided the opportunity to remove the bell. Once removed, the Meneely Bell was sent to Chime Master Systems for a complete restoration. It was cleaned and polished, and its “A” stands and yoke were also restored and painted, and it was fitted with an inside Chime Master Systems Millennium bell striker.

The bell was reinstalled and is now rung by the custom-designed interior striker housed up inside the bell. Electronic controls ring the bell in such a way as to reproduce the voice of a swinging bell. From the push of a button on the remote control, the Meneely Bell automatically rings the Angelus, Call to Mass, a joyous peal, or strike a toll.

Removal, restoration, and re-installation of a 10-Bell Chime

Church of St. Mary the Virgin
Chappaqua, New York
The 10 Bell Meneely Troy Chime cast in 1926 sits on top of the tower of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Chappaqua, New York.

Church Specialties and Chime Master Systems was chosen to remove the 10 bell Meneely Troy chime from the roof of the historic Church of St. Mary the Virgin. The chime and steel frame were removed in one piece and set in front of the church.

Workmen disassembled the non-working electric strikers, removed the bells from the frame and dismantled the chime frame.

While the church tower and roof were being rebuilt, the Meneely chime was restored at the Chime Master shop. The steel frame was sandblasted, galvanized, painted and reassembled. Each bell was fitted with a custom-built internal electromechanical striker.

The chime was then reassembled at our shop and tested.

Upon return to Chappaqua, the Meneely chime was reset on the roof of the church tower. The chime is now controlled by a Chime Master Systems Millennium chime controller. In addition to the hundreds of arrangements stored in the controller and played automatically, this fine instrument can also be played from a keyboard located at the organ.

New Copper Cupola and School Bell fitted with a new Chime Master Internal Bell Striker

Hopkins School Library
New Haven, Connecticut

Church Specialties arranged the new copper cupola and bell ringing equipment for the school bell at the Hopkins School Library. The school’s prized historic bell was sent to our facility and fitted with a new Chime Master Systems internal striker. The bell was then installed into the new copper cupola, and then the cupola & bell were set on the roof of the new library. Using the Chime Master Millennium Bell controller, the school has the ability to strike the hour, toll the bell and ring it for any occasion. Additionally, our work on the bell will allow it to ring for special events and programs.

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