Church Specialties offers several solutions for deteriorating bell towers, clock towers and church steeples. Vast improvements have been made in materials and designs that allow the fabrication of exact replicas at a fraction of the cost of a historic restoration. While not steeplejacks, our long experience in the field working with the best in the industry enables us to make referrals to qualified companies that perform highly specialized maintenance and repairs as well as replacement of existing steeples and towers.

Clock Tower in SteepleHistoric Reproduction Saves on Fundraising and Future Maintenance Costs

In many cases the high costs and time involved to renovate or restore centuries-old bell towers, cupolas or clock towers can be prohibitive. Historic reproductions can reduce the time and manpower needed for fundraising as well as reducing the size of maintenance budgets needed to keep your property in pristine condition in the future. Fabricated in beautiful, strong, lightweight aluminum, they can be designed to perfectly match your existing tower or redesigned to a preferred  style.

Steeplejacks restoring a historic church steeple

Steeplejacks paint and repair woodwork and other materials high on an historic church steeple.

Painting, Carpentry, Cleaning and Repairs

Steeple painting, carpentry and historic restoration return buildings to their original grandeur. Steeplejacks are highly skilled specialists who clean, paint and repair woodwork and other materials on hard-to-reach steeples and towers. We can refer steeplejacks and specialized church restoration carpenters for painting and repairs to historic church steeples.


Gaining access to weathervanes, crosses and similar inaccessible elements requires a special skill set.

Weathervanes and Crosses

Restoration of difficult-to-access elements of steeples and towers require special skills and no fear of heights!  We can refer the best to work on your weathervanes, crosses, finials, gilding and church repairs. Let us know about your needs and we will happily refer a well-qualifed steeplejack for your project.

Steeplejack performing repairs

Steeplejack runs copper panels over the dormered belfry openings, in behind the existing slate shingles.

Roofing:  Slate, Soldered Flat Seam Copper, Standing Seam and Sheet Metal Roofing Repair

Slate roofing and sheet metal repairs are difficult to perform on hard to reach steeples and towers. We can refer expert steeplejacks to repair, replace or install copper panels, sheet metal or aluminum panels behind the existing slate shingles for a watertight finish. We can also provide referrals for experts who install new roofing on steeples and towers including slate roofing, standing seam, sheet metal and soldered flat seamed copper roofs.

Steeplejacks performing masonry repairs

Steeplejacks tuck point wash masonry joints in this sandstone structure and replace damaged coping units.

Masonry Restoration and Waterproofing

Masonry restoration and waterproofing are necessary to preserve the aesthetic and structural integrity of historic churches, steeples and towers.  We can refer masonry masters of tuck pointing to replace the deteriorating mortar between stones or bricks to provide a clean fresh look. We can also provide referrals for contractors specializing in masonry cleaning and restoration of stone, terra cotta and brick with mortar or epoxy repair systems.

A historic reproduction of a clock face is hoisted into position with newly gilded roman numerals.

A historic reproduction of a clock face is hoisted into position with newly gilded roman numerals.

Clock Face Restoration

We work with companies that specialize in the restoration of tower clock faces, numerals, hands, guilding and movement. Let us know about your tower clock project and we’ll connect you with the right specialists for mechanicals and for the clock face itself.