Clock Tower Restoration & Replacement

Clock Tower Replacement

Clock tower restoration can be a costly undertaking, Fortunately, maintenance-free clock tower replacement is becoming the popular choice to save time and money while regaining the beauty and majesty of historic clock towers.  A prefabricated clock tower replacement can be designed to replicate the original design of your clock tower or bring a new look to an old building. Today’s clock towers can be constructed from durable, maintenance-free materials such as aluminum, copper or steel. Hoisted into place using a crane, the actual time to replace the steeple is far less than the typical clock tower restoration process.

Clock Towers

Clock towers came about to mark the center of town and to signal the time to townspeople in the days before everyone wore watches.  Today, clock towers are often landmark buildings in towns and cities throughout the world.


Clock Tower Restoration & Replacement Projects

Van Den Berg Clock Tower SUNY New Paltz
Church Specialities' Clock Tower Replacement at SUNY, New Paltz's Van Den Berg Clock Tower

Clock Tower Restoration

The van den Berg Clock Tower – S.U.N.Y New Paltz
New Paltz, New York

This clock tower replica was installed to replace the original wood tower destroyed by fire in 1990.

Traditional design is achieved utilizing modern materials and manufacturing techniques. The new clock tower is fabricated using a steel inner frame, aluminum architectural framework and .032″ aluminum skin with a baked-on Kynar 500 finish. The tower has four clock dials and a Chime Master Systems Millennium Carillon to strike the hour and ring seasonal music.

9-11 Memorial Clock tower "Time to Remember"
9-11 Memorial Clock tower "Time to Remember" Somerville, New Jersey Consructed by Church Specialties, LLC

 9-11 Memorial Clock Tower

Somerville, New Jersey

Church Specialties is proud to have furnished the 9-11 Memorial Clock Tower in Somerville, NJ, in honor of those that lost their lives in the September 11th terrorist attacks. This beautiful tower was designed by the Musial Group and the construction of the public site was done by Skinner and Cook Construction Company. The tower is fabricated from galvanized steel tube, and has an illuminated 4-way clock system. The memorial’s cast aluminum letters invites the viewer to pause and take “Time to Remember” these individuals lost in this tragedy.

Hoboken Ferry Terminal Clock Tower Replacement, Hoboken NJ
In Hoboken, NJ, the Hoboken Ferry Terminal Clock Tower Replacement by Church Specialties is a historic reproduction in copper. It stands 134' tall with four 12' diameter clock dials. The "Lackawana" sign is on all four sides and is illuminated with fiber optics.

Hoboken Ferry Terminal Clock Tower

Hoboken, New Jersey

Historic Reproduction of 134′ Copper Clock tower. This copper tower has four 12′ diameter clock dials. The “Lackawana” sign is on all four sides and is illuminated with fiber optics.

The following article was published in “In The News” on July 10th, 2007:
The New York office of Stantec (formerly Vollmer Associates), in coordination with the New Jersey State Historical Preservation Office and the Historic Sites Council, is replicating the historic Clock Tower at the Hoboken Ferry Terminal. Built in 1907, the original clock tower was designed by Kenneth Murchison in the Beaux Arts style typical of large public buildings of that time, but was demolished in the 1950s. True to the original, the new 134-foot-high clock tower will have a steel frame structure with a solid copper skin and roof. New exterior fiber optic lighting will recreate the traditional look of incandescent lighting. In addition to architectural design, the firm is overseeing the mechanical and electrical engineering, exterior lighting design, and all historic preservation measures.

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