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Affordable Solid State Digital Carillon

The Chime Master Bravo-AX carillon is a full-featured, completely solid-state digital electronic carillon. Chime Master engineers designed every circuit and line of firmware code in this instrument specifically for easy church bell ringing and long lasting value.

Church Specialties Chimemaster Systems Exclusive 10-year GuaranteeThe Chime Master carillon is a stand-alone church bell ringing system that does not require a PC for operation. It has no hard-drives, CDs or other moving parts. Bell ringing and music recordings are stored internally on solid state FLASH memory.

Our best selling Chime Master carillon is perfect for those who do not need to play the bells from a keyboard. The FLASH memory of the Bravo-AX stores more than 600 favorite hymns recorded using two of our most popular Millennium Carillon bell voices. When you order, you can choose music to ring on either the Concert Chime and Harp Bells or a 37-bell English Cast Bronze Carillon.

Set it and forget it simplicity!

  • Made in USA
  • No moving parts
  • Five-year warranty
  • “Set it and forget it” ease of use
  • Management suite download
  • More than 600 musical selections for all seasons
  • User SD card slot for MP3 files
  • Church bell ringing
  • Call to Worship/mass bells
  • Prayer and Angelus Bells
  • Festive pealing bells
  • Funeral tolls
  • Time striking
  • Rack-mountable
  • Choice of bell voice
  • Full Premium Management Suite
  • Optional Oak Cabinet
  • Extended warranty
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Tower clock driver
  • Documentation

Millennium® Carillon by Chime Master®

Solid State Digital Bell Instrument

We proudly present our top-of-the-line church bell carillon system. It ships pre-loaded with thousands of church bell hymns, individual recordings of real swinging and stationary church bells, chimes and meticulously recorded samples of the carillon bells of our own Chime Master Mobile Millennium traveling carillon.

Church Specialties Chimemaster Systems Exclusive 10-year GuaranteeWe cover this instrument with an unprecedented standard Ten-Year warranty. The Millennium carillon’s amazing standard features can be further expanded with the management software.

The Millennium carillon is a carefully engineered musical instrument and professional audio product that will provide decades of faithful service. It has no hard-drives, CDs or other moving parts. All samples, music and firmware is stored on the most reliable FLASH memory available.


Live keyboard performance and recording is standard on all models. The optional recording librarian allows you to permanently save up to 2000 additional songs that you perform in your own unique style. The marvel of digital signal processing preserves the nuances of clapper dynamics as you play the bells from a touch sensitive keyboard.

The system is compatible with MIDI organs, allowing you to play two voices using two manuals. One of the organ manuals or our optional 61-note, semi-weighted, touch sensitive keyboard can be split to put a different bell sound in each hand. You may already own an electronic piano with a MIDI Out jack that is fully compatible with the Millennium carillon. The Millennium carillon makes it easy to play beautiful organ chimes inside or provide outside carillon performances.

In addition to our standard AGO keyboard, we now offer a traditional carillon baton clavier for use with the Millennium carillon system.


Distinguishing Features of the Millennium® Carillon

  • Advanced connectivity
  • Optional interfaces for tower clocks and bells
  • MIDI input (input connection for modern organs and keyboards)
  • Recording capability with capacity for 2000 user selections
  • Selectable musical bell timbre voicing preferences
  • Selectable pre-recorded music styles and thousands of pre-loaded musical arrangements
  • Make customized playlists, tempo and transposition adjustments with the optional Management Suite software
  • Authentic swinging bells and peals with a natural sounding remote stop function
  • Peals with more combinations of bells and flexible timing than other products
  • More than ten time-strike-melodies
  • Taps on bugle can be combined with a 21-gun salute
  • Nearly all military bugle calls, as well as funeral bagpipe selections, come with the SD card slot option
  • High definition digital bell sound generation engine
  • Quality parallel linear sample storage memory (no data compression)
  • Up to 64 bells can sound simultaneously
  • Ten Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • High Definition Sound Quality
  • MIDI keyboard compatibility
  • Flexibility to configure a unique voice for your community
  • No Moving Parts
  • Largest Music Library
  • Call to Worship/Mass bells
  • Prayer and Angelus Bells
  • Festive Pealing Bells
  • Funeral Tolls
  • Time striking
  • Rack Mountable
  • Optional Oak Cabinet

Platinum® Carillon by Chime Master®

Ultimate performance, ultimate versatility

Give your church a distinctive voice with the Platinum™ electronic carillon. Protected by our 10-year Chime Care™ warranty, the Platinum carillon offers all the features of the Millennium® carillon, enhanced with our ultimate high definition array of bell and chime settings.

Church Specialties Chimemaster Systems Exclusive 10-year Guarantee

It comes with a selection of thousands of hymn arrangements, but you can also expand your collection by recording or importing thousands more. Once you’ve selected your musical arrangement, choose from 9 bell sounds to hear it. Enjoy a wealth of sounds at your fingertips.

Distinguishing Features of the Platinum® Carillon

  • 10 Year Chime Care™ Warranty
  • Nine musical bell voicings
  • All Millennium features and options come standard on the Platinum
  • Record thousands more songs
  • Add your audio tracks to the SD card
  • Ultimate performance carillon
  • Keyboard and organ connection options

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