Historic Church Bell Restoration at The Channing Memorial Universalist Church in Newport, RI

Channing Memorial Universalist Church in Newport, RI

One of our recent projects is at the historic Channing Memorial Universalist Church where the 150 year old bells were removed, sent to the Netherlands for re-tuning and remounted in the tower.

Normally when bells are manufactured and tuned properly they should never need re-tuning, but in this case, one was in need of a slight adjustment to achieve an exact tone match to the rest of the set.  Once completed, all twelve bells were re-installed in their steeple. Since this was such an interesting undertaking—that happens only once every 150 years—many from the community came out to watch and shoot video of the bells coming out and going back into the steeple.  Click here to see the church bells being re-installed in the newly rebuilt tower. Or watch the YouTube Video by clicking on the image to the left.