Electronic Digital Carillons

An Affordable Alternative to Costly Renovations

Conversion to electronic carillons is a fast and affordable solution to return the majestic sounds of church bells to your parish without the expense of major renovations or restorations. Many features make the Chime Master Millenium Carillon system the carillon of choice of many parishes. It is user-friendly, easily programmable and its compact electronic components fit easily in offices or small spaces. Carillons provide a large variety of hymns and tones that can be broadcast from existing bell towers with a rich sound quality that rivals even the best of church bells. Delivery and installation can be arranged without disruption to your parish.

  • Incredible Sound Quality
  • Extensive Music Library
  • Dependability of Today’s State of the Art Technology
  • Easy to Learn / Simple to Use
  • Minimal Space Requirements

Excellent Customer Service & Support

Chris Duffy was very accommodating and extremely helpful in assisting us with choosing the carillon that would fulfill the needs of our church. We are delighted with everything the Chimemaster Six “SS” Carillon can do. The excellent customer service and support we received was greatly appreciated. We highly recommend this model and your company to other churches and spiritual communities. On behalf of the congregation, thank you for your dedication to this wonderful ministry and may God continue to bless your work and the joy and peace that it provides for so many—our chimes ring not only in our ears but also in our hearts! 

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Virginia M. Heimer, Pastor
St. Peter's Church, Tamaqua, PA

Beautiful Bell Sounds

I can’t begin to express my personal thanks as well as the thanks of the entire congregation, for the beautiful bell sounds we are treated to each Sunday. The people living in the neighborhood have also told us that they enjoy the “bells” and they have become accustomed to listen for them each day. The system has worked flawlessly and re-programming the bells has been done several times without any problems.

G.O.F. Jensen, MD
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Bristol CT

Delighted with our Carillons

We are delighted with the Chime Master system. It is simple to operate, user-friendly (I was able to install it myself) and provides top quality sound. When you add all of these qualities together with the fact that it was available at a very fair price, we could not be happier with our decision to purchase our new system from your company. We wish to also compliment your representatives who were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy. Many thanks for your good work!

Kenneth S. Nelson
Pastor / Zion Lutheran Church, Spring City, PA

Resounds with Special Music for the Seasons

The Sharon Congregational Church is pleased with the performance of our newly reproduced chime system. We want you to know that this carillon is appreciated by our neighborhood that includes schools, private homes, stores and other municipal buildings. This chime system is all that is was advertised as. It resounds with special music for the seasons and has always adapted to the change of daylight savings. Our thanks go to Joseph Duffy who is responsive to all of our questions and miraculously makes any changes immediately. Sincerely,

Leon H. Sheldon
Trustee / Sharon Congregational Church, Vermont
Chimemaster Systems Church Bell Remote (TM) Mobile App, carillons
A full range of sound at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format.

Many Satisfied Parishes Have Converted to Carillons

Lists of area installations are available upon request. We welcome a call to our satisfied customers to learn how having the Chime Master electronic carillon and chime systems have enhanced their parishes. Some even say new bells bring renewed attention to the parish, often resulting in seeing new faces in church.

Electronic Carillons Offer Variety of Musical Options

Our Chime Master Digital Carillon systems are complete with all desired church bells, chimes, religious music. For example, our catalog includes any or all of these which can be activated to your specific needs.

  • Pristine digital recordings of real bells
  • Clock striking capability with flexible chiming
  •  A variety of clock chiming melodies
  •  A variety of traditional church bells for call-to-worship and Mass
  • Sunday school bell
  • Prayer and Angelus bells including Trinity and De-Profundus
  • Festive pealing bells in various sizes and combinations
  • Funeral tolls (from 1 to 199 tolls) in sizes up to 8 tons
  • Bugle plays Taps with or without twenty-one gun salute
  • Ethnic and Orthodox ringing available (call for details)


Where Tradition Rings with Innovation

Engineered for function, beauty and longevity

Chime Master Smart Almanac™ – Set it and Forget it!  The Smart Almanac knows the dates of Daylight Saving Time, Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and other Holidays up through the year 2099 and beyond. Once your Seven Day Schedule is set, the Chime Master Smart Almanac™ will automatically adjust your carillon clock and substitute appropriate selections for each season.  You never have to change or add anything unless you want to alter your basic schedule.

Key features include:

  • Up to eight buttons, customized for desired ringing and music
  • Ability to suspend automatic schedule/re-activate schedule
  • Selection entry and play
  • Inside speaker level control
  • Millennium/Platinum Keyboard performance and recording modes

We provide digital carillons for every church, large or small. Whether for a few simple bells, peals, cathedral bells, ringing music, or playing on a keyboard, we provide a large variety of options. For details on all our systems, please click here www.chimemaster.com for complete information.

Call Us for a Free Estimate! 888-570-1042

No Obligation Consultation

We welcome all inquiries and will be happy to demonstrate our digital carillon system or offer suggestions specific to your church. There is no obligation. Please call or complete the inquiry form and we will promptly be in touch with information regarding our carillons.

All of our work and materials are guaranteed, and we can provide many testimonials about our previous work performed on hundreds of churches throughout the United States. Email us at Joe@churchspecialtiesllc.com or click on the button below to use our main contact form if you would like to learn about all our full suite of services.

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If your project falls outside of our service area please contact Chimemaster directly at (800) 344-7464 or visit their website www.chimemaster.com.


History of Carillons

Originally carillons were made of twenty-three bronze bells that were played by a carilloneur on a unique “keyboard” consisting of paddles or batons and foot pedals, rather then keys. These instruments can still be found in New York, Minnesota and the traveling carillon based in Valley Forge, PA. Many more carillons can be found in Europe where they still have master carilloneurs, though they are dwindiling in number as are these enormous instruments. In German, a carillon is called a glockenspiel. In French, carillon means “four bells.”

Today’s electronic carillons provide an incredible range of bell sounds that rival bronze bells and peals, but are available at a fraction of the cost and are Made in the USA!


Modern Carillons Play Hymns, Tolls, Songs and Tributes

Today’s units have evolved into very small and easy to use pieces of equipment similar to other sound equipment or computer apps. They need no large storage space and fit easily on a desk, table or in a closet. Unlike the original instruments, electronic carillons are driven by electronic circuitry and are programmable to play hundreds of arrangements, songs, hymns, tolls, and tributes all at the push of a button.

Carillons are replacing original, heavy cast bronze bells in many churches, universities, and institutions as substitutes for renovations to towers and bell ringing equipment. Without having prior knowledge of a carillon installation, most people cannot discern the difference between the sounds of an electronic carillon from those of cast bronze church bells. The only clue is the wide musical assortment that plays through loudspeakers strategically mounted inside existing bell towers. In most cases, the speakers are not visible to the public.

Ease of Use Created Huge Increases in Popularity

Since many people that consider themselves not very computer-oriented have found electronic carillons to be very easy to use, they have gained popularity in recent years. Add that to the cost benefits and one can easily understand why carillons are now proudly but discreetly broadcasting the sounds of church bells from bell towers across the country.