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An Affordable Alternative to Costly Renovations

Conversion to electronic carillons is a fast and affordable solution to return the majestic sounds of church bells to your parish without the expense of major renovations or restorations. Many features make the Chime Master Millenium Carillon system the carillon of choice of many parishes. It is user-friendly, easily programmable and its compact electronic components fit easily in offices or small spaces. Carillons provide a large variety of hymns and tones that can be broadcast from existing bell towers with a rich sound quality that rivals even the best of church bells. Delivery and installation can be arranged without disruption to your parish.

  • Incredible Sound Quality
  • Extensive Music Library
  • Dependability of Today’s State of the Art Technology
  • Easy to Learn / Simple to Use
  • Minimal Space Requirements

Electronic Digital Church Bells Provide Incredible Sound Quality

With Church Specialties, all your bell ringing needs will be met. Also known as carillons, our Chime Master electronic carillons are very easy to learn and use. Once we set your bell ringing schedule into memory, you don’t have to worry about it. The schedule is protected with a ten year battery backup. Our electronic church bells include an extensive library of sounds, including:

  • The Call to Worship
  • Pealing of the bells
  • Time Strike
  • Funeral Toll
  • Angelus
  • And hundreds more…

Electronic Carillons Offer Variety of Musical Options

Our Chime Master Digital Carillon systems are complete with all desired church bells, chimes, religious music. For example, our catalog includes any or all of these which can be activated to your specific needs.

  • Pristine digital recordings of real bells
  • Clock striking capability with flexible chiming
  •  A variety of clock chiming melodies
  •  A variety of traditional church bells for call-to-worship and Mass
  • Sunday school bell
  • Prayer and Angelus bells including Trinity and De-Profundus
  • Festive pealing bells in various sizes and combinations
  • Funeral tolls (from 1 to 199 tolls) in sizes up to 8 tons
  • Bugle plays Taps with or without twenty-one gun salute
  • Ethnic and Orthodox ringing available (call for details)

Where Tradition Rings with Innovation

Engineered for function, beauty and longevity

Chime Master Smart Almanac™ – Set it and Forget it!  The Smart Almanac knows the dates of Daylight Saving Time, Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and other Holidays up through the year 2099 and beyond. Once your Seven Day Schedule is set, the Chime Master Smart Almanac™ will automatically adjust your carillon clock and substitute appropriate selections for each season.  You never have to change or add anything unless you want to alter your basic schedule.

Key features include:

  • Up to eight buttons, customized for desired ringing and music
  • Ability to suspend automatic schedule/re-activate schedule
  • Selection entry and play
  • Inside speaker level control
  • Millennium/Platinum Keyboard performance and recording modes

We provide digital carillons for every church, large or small. Whether for a few simple bells, peals, cathedral bells, ringing music, or playing on a keyboard, we provide a large variety of options. For details on all our systems, please click here for complete information.

Chimemaster Systems Church Bell Remote (TM) Mobile AppMany Satisfied Parishes Have Converted to Carillons

Lists of area installations are available upon request. We welcome a call to our satisfied customers to learn how having the Chime Master electronic carillon and chime systems have enhanced their parishes. Some even say new bells bring renewed attention to the parish, often resulting in seeing new faces in church.

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